Passionate and motivated about Bratislava? Come join our team!

At Bratislava Experience we are always looking for passionate and motivated individuals who want to make sure that visitors get to enjoy Bratislava just like we do.

Description: Be in charge of guiding our clients and showing them all that Bratislava has to offer.

Sociable and friendly individual, no need to know Bratislava by heart, you will learn about the venues and tours with us.

Languages: Minimum English, other languages are always welcome.

Bratislava Experience GuidesBratislava Experience Guides. Luxury and Business Tourism Experts for your Bratislava visit. Discover the best things to do in Bratislava. Visiting the top rated bars, clubs, restaurants and attractions in Bratislava.
Why work with us?

At Bratislava Experience we are passionate about our job and committed to providing the best tours to visitors of Bratislava.  Everyone is welcome to provide feedback and suggestions to make work an even better place to be.  Have fun while working and learning with us.

Other skills?

We are always looking for talented and passionated people. As we have customers from all over the world, knowing multiple languages is always a welcomed skill.  Contact us and let us know how else can you help us grow.

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