Bratislava Nightlife Experience

Enjoy Bratislava like locals do!

Bratislava Nightlife Experience

  • Bratislava Nightlife Tour
  • Bratislava Nightlife Tour
  • Bratislava Experience Nightlife Tour

 From  €50.00*

*minimum 3 people


  • Enjoy an hour of complimentary, all-you-can-drink beer or wine to begin the evening
  • Spend 4 hours exploring the best of Bratislava’s nightlife
  • Cover charges for all venues are included
  • Enjoy the convenience of a private guide, available in multiple languages

This package is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the highlights of Bratislava, during their brief visit to the city.

Our expert guides will work alongside you to curate the perfect tour, tailor-made to fit your schedule, as different venues are best visited on different nights. We will work with you, not only for you, to ensure that your experience of Bratislava is both memorable and highly enjoyable.

The evening kicks off in Old Town, with a tour of the finest bars and clubs in the area, where we reserve tables for your convenience (when possible). Throughout the evening, our guides will handle any issues that may arise, in the interest of allowing you total relaxation and enjoyment.

Our Nightlife Experience Package includes:

1, full hour of unlimited beer and wine
4 or more hours visiting Bratislava’s best venues (cover charges included in the price of the tour)
A private guide, available in multiple languages, to accompany your throughout
The finest, most memorable Bratislava nightlife experience!

Fully Customizable

As experienced tour guides, we understand that preferences vary greatly. For this reason, we offer fully customizable experiences that can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

After booking, one of our expert guides will contact you directly, and begin creating a fully personalized schedule suited to you.


Wine Tasting
Beer Tasting
Rum Tasting
All night dancing
And so much more!

Not all days and seasons are the same in Bratislava.  While we will try and accomodate your requests for the nightlife package, please keep in mind that during certain periods and days some venues may not be open or will have the ambience and feel of a great night.

Our Staff will guide you and recommend you the best venues for the particular days that you request the tour.